Photo by Jamie Love Photography

Liberation Supper Club is a farm-to-table and wild foods culinary arts and personal chef service that cultivates a sense of place by telling the story of where food comes from. Led by Chef Shoshana Perrey, we curate culinary experiences in remarkable spaces – both indoors and out in the wilds – to foster community-building through liberating feasts and tastings. Our specialty is crafting poetic menus, original recipes from choice ingredients, tastings, specialty beverage programs and artful presentations to harmonize communities with the place. We invite you to contact us for a quote and to begin designing your next event. Use the Contact page to get in touch.

Chef Shoshana Perrey is the founder and chef of Liberation Supper Club. Her passion for “food as medicine” and “cooking with color” brings healthy, wild and organic farm produce to the plate. She designs culinary tastings and special events for people who appreciate the artistry in food, retreat groups, farmers and land stewards. She was a chef at the Light on the Hill Retreat Center and has designed unique culinary experiences for thousands of guests. Shoshana’s culinary training originates from working as a personal chef preparing macrobiotic menus and learning from farmers around the world with whom she has studied traditional, organic and indigenous farming. After harvesting and collecting foods, Shoshana learned cooking, preservation methods and homesteading wisdom imparted by farmers: the timeless art of farmstead cheesemaking in the French Pyrenees, handmade tortillas with heirloom corn nixtamal on earthen stoves in Oaxaca, Mexico, fermented hot chili sauce on Nosy Komba Island, Madagascar. These foods impart the meanings and purposes of food traditions and bring contemporary farming and wildcrafting families’ flavors to the shared feast.

She holds a master’s of science degree in Development Sociology from Cornell University and bachelors of arts degree in Food Policies, Institutions & Culture from Mills College. Shoshana’s colorful and diverse background is in community organizing, food sovereignty, agroecology, sociology, woodworking, lamp-making, jewelry smithing, and museum exhibits. Shoshana has culled a culinary repertoire from experiences in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Finger Lakes of Central New York, Oaxaca, Mexico and tropical island conservation areas around the world.