Private Chef

To request Private Chef service for a single day’s event (rather than weekly service), please make your request for Event Catering, here.

How does it work? As I private chef, I shop for groceries, plan your menus, develop recipes, organize your kitchen, cook and serve food, package and store food, clean and uphold the highest sanitation and food safety standards.

I do all the grocery shopping and food sourcing: the best, purest ingredients from sustainable and ethical producers, purveyors, and makers. I source organic, ethically-raised and harvested foods, and incorporate all the biological “queendoms” animalia, fungi, plantae, as well as small amounts of seaweeds, for balanced and seasonal nutrition to meet your needs.

I cook on-site in your home kitchen: I travel to and cook in your kitchen, then serve you and your family in your own home, and do meal preparation to store in the refrigerator and reheat later. I use your ingredients, cookware, kitchen and clean up!

I prepare food for you to eat that evening, and I prepare an additional meal for the next day. You may reheat the meal, or refrigerate fresh salads and other prepared meals until you’re ready to eat them! I’m still cooking solely for you that day, so your fresh food menus are my priority!

I keep your kitchen clean and sanitary: I maintain the highest sanitation standards, serve dinner or pack it away for you to eat the next day. And, I clean up to a sparkling shine before leaving for the day.

What is Food Therapy? Food therapy is a way of eating that meets you where you’re at, and helps you move forward — with a sense of pleasure, health and prosperity — to eat the foods that work best for your digestion, preferences, and avoidances, replacing them with nourishing and delicious whole foods that work best for YOU. I prepare elegant, tasteful and balanced dishes, integrating mindfulness and positivity into your food and kitchen.