Private Chef Request

To request a free consultation, please send me a few more details, in the form below, and I’ll reply with a few days to discuss options to fit your needs, budget and schedule.

Let me know how I can best serve your needs – I specialize in food therapy, designing recipes and menu plans that fit your unique preferences, tastes, and healthy lifestyle goals. I cook foods to meet you where you’re at, and help you move forward — with a sense of pleasure, health and prosperity — to eat the foods that work best for your digestion, your particular preferences, and avoidances you need to steer clear of, replacing them with nourishing and delicious whole foods that work best for you.

I prepare elegant, tasteful and balanced dishes, integrating mindfulness and positivity into your food as I prepare it, encouraging your healthy transition into habits that serve your nutrition goals, and sourcing the best, purest ingredients from sustainable and ethical producers, purveyors, and makers. I source organic, ethically-raised and harvested foods, and I love incorporating from from the biological “queendoms” animalia, fungi, plantae, as well as seaweeds for ocean minerals.