Cocktails & Mocktails


Sparkling Shamrock LSC Pear-infused Myer Farm Vodka + St. Germain + Fresh Cucumber Juice + Lorina Sparkling Lemonade + Mint Leaves + Green Pear Spear + Icicle

Water Lily Créme de Violette + Bombay Sapphire Gin + Domaine de Canton + Squeezed Lemon Juice + Orange Blossom Water + Cava

Walk the Plank Martini Prairie Organic Vodka + Dry Vermouth + Smoked Salmon + Green Olive

Olive Branch Myer Farm Gin + Cynar (Italian Cardoon Liqueur) + Orange Bitters + Rosemary Sprig, Sweet Pepper Berry, Olive, Fresh Pearl Mozzarella on Woodpick


Velour Pantsuit Nocello (Italian Toasted Walnut Liqueur) + Barr Hill Gin + Rose Blossom Water + Saffron Cream + Whipped Egg White + Indian Cinnamon Stick + Rose-Walnut Sugar


Cava Corrinto Finger Lakes Distillery Cassis + Spanish Cava + Melon Spear

Liberation Roast Pumpkin-infused Brandy Caramelized Kabocha Squash + Smokey Black Cardamom + Raw Honey + Brandy + Ice Cube

Szarlotka Chamomile-infused Vodka + Unfiltered Cider + Apple + Icicle

1911 Speakeasy 1911 Apple Gin + Pressed Red Grape Juice Rinse + Tarragon Muddle + Madecasse Vanilla Extract (seasonal – fall) 

Ground Cherry Pine Myer Farm Bourbon Whiskey + Ground Cherry + Madecasse Vanilla Extract + White Pine Needles + Red Peppercorns + Ice Cubes (seasonal – late summer, fall) 


9 Duckets Meyer Farm Ginger Vodka + Cardamaro + ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixir + Squeezed Ruby Grapefruit Juice + Sage Blossom Spike (seasonal – summer)

Piña Pitaya Colada Rutter White Rum + Pitaya (Purple Cactus Fruit) + Pineapple Juice + Coconut Milk Pitaya Garnish + Parasol + Blended Ice (seasonal – depending on availability)

Margarita de Lima Avales Tequila Blanca + Prunier Orange Cognac + Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice + Agave Syrup + Sugar-Salt Rim + Ice Cubes

Michelada Negra Modelo Beer + Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice + Hot Sauce + Chili-Salt Rim + Ice Cubes


* Please request to have any mocktail made into a cocktail.

Wood Sorrel Shisojito Shiso-Infused Syrup + Wood Sorrel Juice + Raw Sugar + Perilla Leaf + Sparkling Water + Ice Cubes (seasonal – summer) Cocktail version: add T. Rutter White Rum 

Sunblossom Black Cardamom-infused Honey Syrup + Mineral Water + Orange Blossom Water + Candied Orangettes + Icicle

Message in a Bottle Squeezed Valencia Orange Juice + Sparkling Water + Sugar Cane Swizzle Stick + Fork-tongued Flags Inscribed with Misfortunes 

Watermelon Mint Agua Fresca Fresh pressed Watermelon Juice + Mint-infused Syrup + Lime Juice + Sparkling Water + Mint Leaves + Ice CubesCocktail version: add T. Rutter White Rum 

Cherry Juice Virgin Sangria Tart Cherry Juice + Bing Navel Orange + Grated Ginger + Warming Spices + Sparkling Water + Mint Leaves + Ice Cocktail version: add Spanish Tempranillo Wine or Spanish Cava Wine 

Liberation Peach Mead Heirloom Peaches + Infused with Raw Honey + Wild Fermentation + Filtered + Cast with Wisdom Spell (seasonal – summer) Cocktail version: longer fermentation requested 6 months in advance

Liberation Pomegranate Kvass Pomegranate Juice + Raw Sugar + Whey + Wheat Flour Sourdough Starter + Wild-Fermented. Cocktail version: Myers Ginger Vodka + ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixir 


Siberian Tea  Darjeeling Black + Star Anise Seed + Raw Sugar Cube

Mexican Hot Chocolate Dark Bittersweet Chocolate + Almonds + Mexican Panella Dark Brown Sugar + Cinnamon + Cayenne Chili {Milk Optional}

Bailey’s Irish Coffee Forty Weight Black Coffee + Bailey’s Cream + Jameson Irish Whiskey + Whipped Cream + Fresh-grated Nutmeg

Hot + Bothered Rum Kraken Spiced Rum + Butter Patty + Korean Toasted Barley Tea + Star Anise + Raw Sugar Cube

Coffee Service Gimme Fair Trade Coffee + Half-n-Half + Raw Sugar Cubes + Paper Cups + Wooden Stirrers

* Add-ons, for 40 servings: Fair Trade Coffee, Decaffeinated; Cashew Milk Non-dairy Creamer; Equal – Sugar Substitute ; Local honey