Retreat Menus

Summer Fireside Supper

~ BBQ Tofu or Beef Skewers ~

Marinated Vegan Ithaca tofu or Autumn’s Harvest Marinated grass-fed beef with garlic-lemon yogurt, skewered red onions and heirloom cherry tomatoes

~ Double Beet Borscht ~

Stick and Stone Farm golden and ruby beets, mirepoix, dill yogurt, toasted pistachios, baby meyer lemon moons, simmered up over the campfire in a cast-iron Dutch oven | vegan

~ Zucchini Squash Sojourn ~

Family Circle Farm zucchini roasted with brown butter, marinated Plowbreak heirloom tomatoes, toasted coriander seeds, lemon zest, mild sheep’s milk feta

~ You are the Blue Sky Salad ~

Golden Nectarines, Hillberry Farm blueberries, slivered red cabbage, Westhaven Farm field greens, South Hill goat cheese, toasted almonds, pansy blossoms, balsamic-shiso vinaigrette

~ Toasted Almond Torte ~

toasted almond torte, fresh figs, Hillberry Farm blueberries and red zinnia petals


Karen Shelley Yoga Retreat

Retreat Duration:

3 days / 2 Nights

Dinners Curated and Served by Liberation Supper Club

Hosted at Firelight Camps, Ithaca, NY