Supper Club Menus



Sunday, May 14, 2017 


The Goose in the Asparagus Patch (v) for two: Molten Goose Egg in Buckwheat Crepe. Grilled Asparagus. Asparagus and Cauliflower Velouté. Northland Tripletree Tomme Ribbons. Shiitake Mushroom Crisps. Chive Blossoms. 

100% Pasture-raised Cheese Board with paired Kite & String Ciders

Wild-foraging on the Creek Salad Toasted Hazelnut-encrusted Cardonbert cheese. Wild Watercress. Field greens. Strawberries. Shaved Sunchoke. Basil-Rose-Sumac. Vinaigrette. Cracked Red Peppercorns. Rose Blossoms.


The Flame & the Rainbow Trout on Smoked Carrot Puree river. Burdock root pickles. Honey-butter Sage leaves. Spring Onions.

Potbellies in the Strawberry Fields Seared Pork Medallions. Strawberry Slow Burn Jam with Chilies and Balsamic Pickled Ginger. Potato Latke with Chives. Asparagus spears.

Maryrose’s Lamb Bundle, & the Woman I Love Northland Pastured Leg of Lamb. Herbed Northland Feta with Wild Nettles and Fresh Mint. Grilled Asparagus. Asparagus Velouté. Rosehip-Ruby Beet Lamb Demi-glace. 


Elderflower Lilac Creme Brulee Goose egg custard. Torched Maple Candy. Elderflower Wine Reduction. Elderflower and Lilac Fritters. Sylvan Strawberry.

Into the Woodlands, we frolic with the pollinators & the sweetness of Peace
Hazelnut Praline Basket. Local Honeycomb. Northland Black Sheep Blue Cheese. Star Anise and Raw Cacao Soil. Lilac Buds.