Emma Frisch, Firelight Camps

“I’ve had the opportunity to cook with Shoshana and enjoy her food. She brings a poetic and purposeful nature to her meals, with flavors inspired by her culinary adventures ranging from Oakland to Southern France and Madagascar. Shoshana’s belief in food as medicine was inspired by her mother, who battled cancer for over a decade. Together, they learned how to build a diet based on fresh, seasonal, organically produced ingredients, including foraged wild foods and time-honored fermented foods like miso and sauerkraut. Given her roots in ‘healthy food’ are dear to her heart, I inherently trust Shoshana’s food pairings and preparation. I always find myself lingering on every last bite of her health-forward cuisine, bursting with flavor. Perhaps most striking are Shoshana’s artistic flourishes; every dish is delivered with a bright, edible garnish such as pomegranate seed swirls or whimsically placed calendula blossoms. A culinary poet, Shoshana’s menus read like haikus that you might frame on your wall.”